Migraine Research Study To Prove Effectiveness of 18-Week Behavioral Health Program With Coaching

Objective: To assess the reduction of migraine frequency, duration, and pain efficacy of a novel digital migraine behavioral health program with a human coaching platform.

Participant Limit: 170

Start Date: August 9, 2021  |  End Date: December 20, 2021

Requirements: Participants who are eligible for MENT™ are willing to commit to spending 2-4 hours per week learning material and completing exercises. Able to read and converse in English and are between the ages of 18-65. Have reliable high-speed internet and a functional computer or phone.


Participation & outcomes

Participants who are eligible for MENT are according to the International Headache Society (HIS) Classification for episodic, chronic, or intractable migraine.

The MENT™ protocol is a 9-module, 18-week comprehensive, personalized behavioral health program based on the underlying pathogenesis of migraine. It involves multiple modalities to improve self-efficacy and health literacy in managing migraine and headache. MENT’s platform leverages education related to individual migraine profile, empathetic health coaching, lifestyle exercises, and a supportive peer group taking place directly through smartphone or web-browser.



The MENT™ Protocol is an 18-week behavioral health protocol that teaches you how to respond and react to your nervous system stimuli that puts you in control of your migraine journey. 


1. Complete Your Migraine Profile

Migraine impacts your entire mind, body, and spirit. Our assessments help you created a centralized profile to begin the process of getting connected to the right care. 


2. Personalize Your Care Plan

Throughout the 18 weeks, you will learn how to create a care plan that is in direct alignment with your migraine symptoms, headache types, triggers, and imbalances. This process will help you get access to the right care to support your health and healing journey. 


3. Support and Measure Change

As you experiment and recognize the patterns, you will begin to live according to your unique brain to achieve health goals and improve your quality of life.

measuring effective MIGRAINE CARE

The results are directly from a diverse, global population of migraine sufferers who experience similar symptoms, triggers, and headache types as you. Complete the MENT™ activities and utilize evidence-based solutions as a migraine care option. 

Results were from our 2019-2020 MENT™ Pilot Program. 

Upon Selection, Randomized Into Three Groups

Interested participants are randomly assigned to the MENT™ Protocol group coaching, individual coaching or waitlist/treatment as usual (WL/TAU). Participants in the WL/TAU will continue their existing treatment regimen. At the conclusion of the trial, WL/TAU participants will have the option to enroll in the MENT or be an early adopter of our beta mHealth app. 

01. Individual Coaching

You will be required to participate in nine, 50-minute, bi-weekly, 1-on-1 coaching calls. In addition to the calls, complete materials within the nine modules. 

02. Group Coaching

You will be required to participate in nine, 50-minute, bi-weekly, group coaching calls. In addition to the calls, complete materials within the nine modules. 

03. Waitlist Group

Your participation in the waitlist group will be to complete a QoL assessment every four weeks. Upon completion of the study, you will be prompted with next steps. 

Your participation may change the future of migraine care


Migraine controlled my life. I kept getting stuck and nothing was working. Once I started to understand my unique body and discover some of the root causes that were triggering my pain, the breakthroughs started to happen. This is the whole-body approach I have been searching for. 


Two years ago I had a concussion that changed everything. I couldn’t work, cook, or shop. I went from therapy to doctor and I wasn’t getting the help to reduce my sensitivity to light and sound. With the help of MENT™ I was able to work through my mindset, reduce the nervous system exposure, and have been able to live again. 



Able to Socialize

Back to Work

These were some examples, but the real magic happens in the MENT™ community



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Module 1


Migraine has been linked to increased anxiety, depression, stigma, and social phobias. Module 1 is dedicated to helping you create a shift in your mind to unlock your healing potential. Every sufferer wants to become free; however, what is the why? What is the reason? What will your life look like? We aim to work alongside you to create the process required to adopt a mindset of health so you can create the necessary processes to improve quality of life.

  • Lesson: How to Create a Mind/Shift
  • Lesson: Writing a new migraine narrative
  • Lesson: Signing your health declaration
  • Lesson: Breakthrough journaling
  • Lesson: Neuroplasticity
  • Lesson: Examining thoughts patterns
  • Lesson: Changing your default responses
  • Lesson: How Greens support the nervous system

Module 2


Module 2 is designed to help you start the process of Neuroindividuality™. By the end of Module 2, you will understand migraine characteristics, what stimuli may do to your body, which symptoms to focus on, what triggers may be causing your pain, and how an anti-inflammatory diet may help.

  • Lesson: What is this head pain?
  • Lesson: Integrative method to track your migraine
  • Lesson: Migraine Characteristics
  • Lesson: 12 types of migraine triggers
  • Challenge: Starting your Day
  • Lesson: Intentional Affirmations

Module 3


Module 3 is designed for you to understand which method of care is best suited based on your Neuroindividuality™. We introduce techniques to help you work alongside medical and health professionals to create a partnership to achieve your health goals. At the end of the module, you will be able to recognize what doctors and healers should be consulted and how to create a partnership with medical professionals.

  • Lesson: Creating your care path
  • Lesson: Identifying your types of headaches
  • Lesson: Increasing access to care
  • Lesson: Personalizing access according to headache types
  • Lesson: Working with healthcare professionals
  • Lesson: Migraine and gluten
  • Lesson: Working through the migraine threshold
  • Challenge: Ending your day

Module 4


Module 4 is designed for you to understand how the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to control your health. If one system is out of balance, it is impossible to break free from migraine.

By the end of Module 4, you will be able to understand which methods of treatment and prevention might help restore health, along with determining your sensitivity level. This foundation is required to reactivate the body’s healing potential.

  • Lesson: Whole Body Health
  • Lesson: Methods of Therapy
  • Lesson: Highly sensitive person
  • Lesson: Relationships
  • Lesson: Emotional & Mental Resilience
  • Lesson: Spiritual Breakthroughs
  • Lesson: Trusting your intuition
  • Lesson: Raw foods
  • Lesson: Boundaries

Module 5


Module 5 helps examine how your cells operate and what happens through prolonged exposure to toxic environments.

By the end of Module 5, you will understand in what ways you will need to detox, how to reduce physical stimuli, and what products are best suited for your Neuroindividuality™.

  • Lesson: Cellular Health
  • Lesson: Genetics
  • Lesson: Migraine medications and treatments
  • Lesson: Toxicity and environmental triggers
  • Lesson: Detoxification
  • Lesson: Healthy Fats
  • Lesson: Personalizing care and support
  • Challenge: Household and beauty products

Module 6


Module 6 demonstrates how your organ systems are directly connected to your symptoms. We highlight the different divisions and show how your lifestyle and activity may be triggering a response. By the end of Module 6, you will have learned how to boost brain activity, reduce nervous system exposure, understand how common methods of media may act as a trigger, and to calm your body through nourishing meals.

  • Lesson: Boosting immunity
  • Lesson: Balancing the nervous system
  • Lesson: Supporting digestion
  • Lesson: Endocrine function
  • Lesson: Optimizing brain health
  • Lesson: Good and bad bacteria
  • Lesson: Slowing down and choosing the right activities

Module 7


Module 7 is all about nutrients. Nutrients are the specific elements that your body, organs, and brain require to function. By the end of Module 7 you will have learned what essential nutrients may be best suited for your Neuroindividuality™, what symptoms and health conditions are associated with specific deficiencies, which superfoods contain the most nutrients, and how to select the right supplements. A whole foods style menu is highlighted to help you create a well-rounded approach to nutrients and food.

  • Lesson: Nutrient Roadmap
  • Lesson: Essential nutrients
  • Lesson: Nourishing meals
  • Lesson: Compounding wins
  • Lesson: When to shift your care path
  • Challenge: Supplements

Module 8


Module 8 defines food as medicine. Many neurological disorders are exacerbated through food triggers and sensitivities, and low nutrient diets. By the end of Module 8, you will understand how to grocery shop, meal plan, detox your kitchen, eat seasonally, and associate symptoms with food allergies.

You will now be at a point in the journey where you can begin to eat for your Neuroindividuality™.

  • Lesson: Eating is an Experience
  • Lesson: Setting up your kitchen
  • Lesson: Choosing the right food products
  • Lesson: Meal planning & grocery shopping
  • Lesson: Eating for your health and headache types
  • Lesson: Seasonal eating
  • Lesson: Food allergies and sensitivities
  • Challenge: Integrative eating

Module 9


Module 9 is designed to help you put it all together. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health, which is why we are here to help navigate you toward your symptom-free life.

By the end of Module 9, you will discover optimal lifestyle habits to achieve and sustain Neuroindividuality™.

  • Lesson: Lifestyle blueprint
  • Lesson: How to put it all together
  • Lesson: What happens when your life gets bigger?
  • Lesson: Work, employer responsibility, and your needs
  • Lesson: Integrating physical activity
  • Lesson: Flexible, but not obsessive
  • Challenge: Social media


The MENT™ Protocol was the exact shift I needed to help me get my care path together. I am a completely different person!! Recently graduated as a Full Stack Web Developer and am beginning to create the life I knew I could live. 


When I started the MENT™ Protocol, I was averaging between 20-25 migraines per month. Everything I learned helped me achieved something I thought was impossible…6 months migraine-free. I am now present for my kids and can have a career. 



Meet your host

Anthony Cocco

Anthony is the co-founder of Head Health, Inc. and a former 16-year chronic daily migraine sufferer. I had my first migraine when I was 11 and had one every day until I was 27 years old. Tests were negative, I was non-responsive to medications, and life was passing me by. 

After an adverse reaction to a medication that caused severe convulsions in October 2010, and an unsuccessful visit to the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale in January 2011, I was forced to take control of my own health. 

Through extensive experimentation and self-discovery, on May 13, 2011, I had my last migraine and I haven’t had one since. My team and I have spent years developing the core processes of the MENT™ Protocol to help you identify your root causes and increase access to care so that you can live life on your terms.  

As a former chronic daily migraine sufferer, once you know what changes to make based on your symptoms, migraine and headache type(s), and triggers, your health may improve. That is our hope for you!!


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Deborah Carver-Hodges


Dr. Michael Stanton


Dr. John McBurney

Behavioral Health

Dr. Amanda Richardson


Dr. Jacqueline Bergman


Natalie Butler, RDN

Endocrinology & Metabolism

Dr. Afreen Shariff


Dr. Tammy Scott



We utilize the concept of Neuroindividuality™ – the healing process in which you customize a lifestyle specific for your unique brain to reduce stimuli and restore homeostasis. The helps you identify the root cause and understand how to mitigate your nervous system response. 

We understand you are busy. The MENT™ Protocol has been designed so you can go at your own speed without any pressure. Minimum commitment is two hours per week and there is no max. 

Even if you can’t start right away…reserve your spot now. The lessons, live calls, and additional content are recorded and available online. 

Results are dependent upon time commitment, your ability to get to the root cause, and implement Neuroindividuality™. On average pilot program participants were able to improve quality of life within 10 weeks. 

Quality of life outcomes include, but are not limited to, ability to attend social events, being more present for loved ones, returning to work or school, reduction in frequency and/or duration of migraine, decrease of medication usage, overcoming negative thought patterns, improvement in eating habits, weight loss, better sleep hygiene, and even elimination of symptoms. 

All participant results will be recorded in a HIPAA compliant facility and server. All coaching interview
responses protected the confidentiality of the participants.

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